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Central governor and lactate mythology: Video interviews

Coach Bobby McGee interviews Ross about the myth of lactate and what it means for coaches and athletes

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14 Mar 2011 Posted in Fatigue/Central Governor

The Central Governor and the Athlete’s Clock: Pacing and performance

Jonathan came across the video below earlier today.  Now, I must confess that I had never heard of the speaker, a Dr Thomas Rowland.  Nor have I had the opportunity to read the book about which he speaks in this interview, called “The Athlete’s Clock“.  But the concept grabbed my attention immediately, because as you […]

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Pacing physiology and the limit to performance: A #fourminute mull

The latest four minute mull explores pacing strategies, physiology and fatigue. In so doing, I offer a theory for the limits to human performance existing at the point where the "reserve" that physiology maintains is no more, the endspurt disappears, and humans are at the limits of what is physiologically possible.

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30 Dec 2011 Posted in 2011/Sports Science

Science of Sport awards: Sports science story of the year

Looking back on 2011, but through an academic lens, leaves the impossible task of trying to pick a research highlight. I guess in much the same way as your choice of a Sports Star of the Year would be influenced by your choice of sport (Messi, Djokovic, Cavendish or Wellington), the choice of most exciting […]

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05 Jun 2011 Posted in Sports Science

ACSM overview: Wrapping up the high (and low) lights

Thanks to all for weighing in on the last post on the stagnant nature of sports science. Or rather, some aspects of sports science.  I know that the last week may have felt a little like an “insider conversation”, but moving forward, I’m going to widen the scope and tackle some intriguing topics, inspired mostly […]

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02 May 2008 Posted in Fatigue/Central Governor

Fatigue and Exercise: Part I B

We introduce and contrast two theories for fatigue - peripheral and central models, along with examples, and introducing pacing strategy

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01 May 2008 Posted in Fatigue/Central Governor/Series

Fatigue and Exercise: Part I A

On Tuesday, we introduced a new series on Fatigue and Performance, which, based on the comments and responses so far, promises to provide much food for thought, interesting discussion and a few strong opinions! And thinking about the subject (see my thoughts at the bottom of this post), it’s clear that the most difficult part of […]

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29 Apr 2008 Posted in Fatigue/Central Governor/Series

Fatigue Series: Introduction

Here’s one of the million dollar questions in sports sciences today: How is it possible for a 10km runner to SPEED UP in the final 400m of his race? And if he had that “reserve capacity” all along, why did he not speed up 800m before the end? Or 2km? The whole way? As you […]

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